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A class that helps artists to find self-love in their practice by making art feel approachable, open and free.

Don't You Wish You Could...

Make art boldly as your whole, messy, inspried self?

Waste paint, lay down bold brush strokes, and use lots of


Make intuitive abstracts that express how you feel?

See your artistic journey as a friend?

All the Goodness

Waiting For You In Class:

Learn how to stay free while creating.

Why layers are important.

How to help your painting tell its' story.

How to tune into your self to know what to do next.

How to create interest and depth in a painting.

How to evaluate your artwork.

Valued at $69. Yours Free Today!

Valued at $69. Yours Free Today!

Imagine Your Whole Mind Shift

if You Could Love Yourself Through Art

Valued at $69. Yours Free Today!




Valued at $69. Yours Free Today!

Hi there! I'm Shay

I get it. I've been there.

Anxious, overwhelmed, tired. But art has always helped me make it through. It's one of my favorite tools in my toolbox for life.

Whether it's bringing me all the feel goods and inspiration or helping me to get grounded to soften again, I know art has my back.

Art is my friend, for as long as I can remember. Never judgy or conditional. Just there when I needed it. And it can be there for you too.

I invite you to come to class with me where we can let go, explore and have some fun with art.

I'm a mixed media artist and teacher living in Tampa, Florida. I love to teach classes that help people shake off the rules and find their freedom while making art. My students say it feels like a spa for their creative soul.