Enough: Lets Get Started

Grab Your Journal!

It's Time to Make the Beautiful Thing!

One of the things I love to teach is the "the brain of the artist"

It's what I'm always most curious about when I learn from other people.

The best teachers are the ones who can articulate what they do and why they do it. That's what I've tried to do here.

I'm not only teaching you how to create this specific project. I'm teaching a you a skillset that can be taken with you and applied to anything you do.

Sort of like "feed a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime". That's my philosophy. To teach so that you can take the skills you've learned and apply them into your own life and art. See what tips and tricks you can hone in on and take with you into your personal artwork outside of this class.

Curiosity is gold in viewing and making art

Layers, marks,

the back and forth way of covering things up,

only to bring them back,

are what creates mystery and interest.

Remember, nothing is ever lost

Also worth noting:

Your work will get weird and ugly at some point. You might feel like it's not going to come together or like you should just throw the whole thing in the trash.

Congratulations! You're an artist! It took me a long time but I now know, this is part of the process and it comes every time! Anticipate this. It's normal and nothing to be afraid over. Think of it as bumps on the road, part of the learning process. Keep going!

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